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Looking for help or advice on our products? this is the page for you, where we answer the most popular questions asked. We hope this helps!



Why aren't specific prices listed for a lot of your products?

This is because all of our products are bespoke, handmade, and many items such as curtains are made to order. Size can vary depending on the area of fabric needed, so to ensure your curtains, blinds, reupholstery or other projects are perfect, we charge accordingly! Our extensive collection of fabric options also come into play, but we're happy to take appointments over the phone or email, measure up for you, and discuss your options!

Can we visit in store?

You sure can. Our opening times are Monday - Friday 8am-9pm. Saturday 9-2. We offer swatches to select from, ready made cushions, throws and blankets, and lots of desirable home décor. So come and have a look!!

Exactly what services do you offer?

That's a broad question! Design and conquer pride ourselves in providing a range of bespoke soft furnishings, allowing you to create the perfect living, leisure or just a space that's uniquely "yours". We offer reupholstery, bespoke cushions, blinds, curtains, children's products and even matching accessories such as doorstops. Get in contact, and we'd be happy to arrange something for you. This also includes special requests just for you, as well as commercial work too.

How can I get in contact?

That's easy! Simply head to our contact page, or even just the bottom footer of the website. There you'll find our phone number, email, and even links to social media. We can take appointments via any of these pages, whichever is easiest for you! Get in touch!